Who are we ?

People are at the heart of our work

Alshare3 is a non-profit media foundation that is licensed in France. Alshare3 Foundation works on a group of media projects and activities inside and outside Syria to defend the freedom of media, by using various media tools. It was founded in February 2010, with a media campaign to support the displaced people from the Northeastern part of Syria, who had to flee their farmlands because of the drought.
This project developed to media campaigns and various activities such as photography galleries and organizing regular visits to camps by journalists. After a year of fieldwork in the Syrian drought camps, the popular uprising began in March 2011. Thus Alshare3 foundation started covering the events and making documentaries. We tried to provide a clear comprehensive coverage of the Syrian events. It was urgently necessary to understand the complexities in Syria under the media siege applied by the Syrian regime. We work with many Syrian, Arabic and international media. Alshare3, also, set partnerships with civil Syrian and international associations to train activists inside Syria and to perform the developmental and cultural projects there where we periodically arrange cultural events. Every March, Alshare3 presents musical and cinema shows, visual arts galleries and construction works in public squares.
Today we make graphic media articles from the event location, such as “exclusion investigation, discussions, reports and documentaries” by a teamwork that is spread in many areas inside Syria. This team includes a group of journalists, filmmakers and activists that are of different categories of the Syrian society.

What we do


Produce documentaries with a team of professional filmmakers in and outside Syria .Our films shared in international films festivals. They were wire some of the most important television channels.

The Syrian Street Festival

This yearly celebration offers a range of art events inside and outside Syria, “Offers cinematic and theatrical and musical shows ,also the synthesizer art and Graffiti ” ,on the anniversary of the Syrian revolution at March 2011.

Syria's Mobile Phone Films Festival

This Film festival aims to highlight the potential of Mobile images as an artistic value as well as informational value, in order to encourage new talent seeking to make their  own way in diverse areas of the visual arts.
 The festival is held in a Syrian cities, and in a number of  other cities around the world.

Our Projects

Meet the Team

Amro Khito

Amro Khito

Executive Manager

Syrian director and journalist, born in 1986, studied media at Damascus university. He worked in many Syrian newspapers and magazines and such as aliqtisadi magazine.
Also, he worked on television reports for a group of Arab televisions , He directed a group of short films, such as “ya bayti ya bwaytati” which participate in some international festivals.


Mezer Matar

Mezer Matar


Syrian director and photographer born in 1984, He has a rich experience with photography, so his films have participated in several international festivals, He trained many media activists inside Syria.
He works as a photographer with Roiter News Agency in addition to his work at Alshare3 institution.


Nashwan Marzook

Nashwan Marzook

Training Coordinator

 yrian photographer and  journalist, born in 1989, studied media at Damascus University. He began his job in media as a journalist photographer in several local and Arab newspapers.
He works as a coordinator and media contagious in the Syrian file in “Menapolis” organization. in addition to manufacture reportages independently with several media organizations as “arte”.


Amer Matar

Amer Matar

General Manager

Syrian journalist and director, born in 1986, studied media at Damascus university, he published his articles a group of Arab and Syrian newspapers and magazines and he is a member and an official of the new media commission of the Syrian Journalists association. He directed a group of documentary films about syria, Moreover, Amer holds a grant of the German Pen Club P.E.N