Smuggling 23 Revolutionary Moments

This is the first documentary made about the Syrian revolution. It was filmed in June 2001, and focuses primarily on the events in Hama before the entry of the Syrian Army. It was shown on Al-Arabiya TV, and also in several film festivals in Paris, Berlin, and Brussels. The film was produced by Al-Share’ for Media and Development.

Length: 23 minutes
Year of Production: 2011


Filmed in August, 2011 in Qamishli and the other Kurdish areas in the Syrian north. It won the silver medallion in Rotterdam Festival due to its portrayal of the revolution’s everyday events. It was shown on France 24. The film was produced by Al-Share’ for Media and Development.

Length is 22 minutes.
Year of Production is 2011


Focuses on Mishal Timmo, the martyred Syrian Kurdish activist. The film includes an exclusive interview with Timmo, the details of his disappearance and death on 7-10-2012, and the events organized in his town a year afterwards in commemoration. Joint production of Al-Share’ and Kayani.

Length: 23 minute.
Year of Production: 2012

False Alarm


Away from the images of destruction and the scenes of death, away from the faces of the fighters and the roar of their guns, how can one tell the story of the Syrian revolutionaries and how does the war lurk behind the revolution?

Length: 57 minutes.
Year of Production: 2014



On the town of Kafarnabl which managed to summarize the Syrian Revolution through its banners. These banners have managed to place Kafarnabl – a hitherto small forgotten town – on the front stage of Syrian history. At the same time, they managed to capture the key moments of the Syrian revolution, along with its everyday struggles. Who of us knows what the people of Kafarnabl have really endured over the past two years? Or what circumstances and changes they went through? These questions are tackled in the film “Banner” and are juxtaposed with the idea of Kafarnabl as just a “banner”. The film was directed by Khaled Abdul Wahed, and filmed by Absi (Issa) Smaysem. Joint production with Kayani. It was shown on Al-Arabiya in March 2013.

Length: 22:45 minute.
Year of Production: 2013

Bassel Shehadeh: Streets of Freedom

This film was initially done on the First anniversary of the Syrian revolution 2012, but due to technical problems lost. The Syrian independent media project Kayani managed to recover the latest edited version Bassel did on the film before his death and to resolve the technical problems of the film, thus allowing it be shown to a greater audience on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the Syrian revolution
The film gives an interesting insight on the memories of different activists in different Syrian cities on the first weeks and months of the Syrian revolution. It is a compelling piece of memories of the activists youth on these days, that today sometimes seem so far away.

The late Bassel Shahade – young Syrian cinematographic talent – was killed by a mortar shell in Spring 2012 in Homs, teaching the activists there how to film and edit footage in the service of the Syrian uprising. The film was shown on Al Arabiya TV

Length is 24:28 minutes.
Year of Production is 2013